DIY Cat House Plans - Things to Consider in Building the Perfect Abode For Your Pet

Ever face the problem of having your cat wander too much? If that is the case, a cat house for your feline pet might be the solution. And it's easy to build too with the use of DIY cat house plans.

Cat houses will not only prevent your cat from wandering too much, it also serves as a place where your cat is protected and kept warm during those restful nights. This way, you don't spend so much time looking all over your area wondering where your cat has fallen asleep. Giving your cat a permanent abode is always a good thing.


However, there are several things you need to consider in building an abode for your cat. Some of these are:


You can choose to build an indoor or outdoor house for your cat. Both has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. But ultimately, your cat's personality as well as your preference should determine your choice.

For example, a cat who likes to cozy up indoor is not likely to welcome a new place in the outdoors. The same thing is true with cats who virtually lives outdoor. Another primary concern should be safety. If you have to place the cat house indoor or outdoor, then make sure it is in a safe area.


Interior design of the cat's abode is also an important aspect you need to consider. It need not be plush and extravagant. It only has to be comfortable and well ventilated enough for your pet.

To make sure of this, I strongly suggest that you build a house that's a bit cozy. An abode that's too roomy will not serve your pet well during cold months and a house that's too small can be pretty uncomfortable for your pet. The house has to have just about enough space for your cat to move about.


If you are bent on building a house for your pet, then, DIY cat house plans should help you do the job well and in no time at all. The plan should help you plan and prepare all the materials you will need. Furthermore, you also avoid the headaches and frustrations that's usually associated with building stuff by having a concrete guide to follow.

In choosing the right cat house plan, you need to make sure it has instructions that's clear enough and easy to implement. This is especially a must if you happen to be a novice builder. This way, you don't have to go through the tedious process of designing your own blueprints. Believe me, it's really not worth the effort. It can be pretty much a trial and error process and you'll be wasting lots of time and materials along the way.

DIY Cat House Plans - Things to Consider in Building the Perfect Abode For Your Pet

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Free Chicken House Plans

If you find it hard for you to search for the right free chicken house plans, why not try searching for it online? This would be the best source of information that you may look into because most of the details would be indicated on the plans that you may come across on the Internet. With enough research you will be able to decide which would be the best option for you.

You will be able to find these free plans online but you should be able to determine what type of structure would be best to house your chicken with. You must also check if the plan would give your chicken enough security from any possible harm outside like for instance the weather; and might as well shelter your chickens to keep them safe.


Since there is an option for you to make use of what is free online it is essential that you take note of a few things to consider before availing one like for instance how many chickens are you going to raise, why would you like to raise these chickens, what type of weather do you have to make sure you build a chicken coop that is strong enough to keep your chickens safe, and you should also consider if the plan that you are looking into allows you to clean the chicken coop easily.

More often those free chicken house plans that you can avail online may or may not abide by these things that you need to consider before building one. That is why it is important that you perform a thorough research on the possible options you have and weigh if these free plans will really be beneficial on your part or not.

Let's say that your own research does not suffice you with the end product that these free plans will be providing you, you will always have another option to search for a high quality plan that will help you build the right chicken coop for you. You may opt to buy quality chicken house plans that you can make use of to make sure that you will be able to meet the things you need to consider in building a shelter for the chickens you are going to raise.

Free Chicken House Plans

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Another great resource for chicken coop design is Chicken Coops Design

Property Tax Abatement 101

You may have heard the term "property tax abatement" and wonder what it's all about. Basically, to abate something means to reduce (or eliminate) it. So property tax abatement is a short-term or long-term arrangement in which your property taxes are lowered despite your making improvements to the home. Under normal circumstances, when you increase the value of your home, you also raise the taxable value. With abatement, this increase does not occur (or at least not as much). Usually, a waiver is issued as an incentive to encourage town revitalization.

If approved, you will have taxes waived on most of your upgrades. These include roof repair, exterior siding, lawn and garden upgrades, driveway repair, room remodeling, resurfacing, plumbing, and electrical repairs. The only thing it doesn't cover is the addition of actual rooms, showers, porches, and fireplaces. This reduction will stay in effect for as long as your locality provides. Generally, the tax is raised back from its lower rate to the new rate over a period (for example, 5 years). Your locality can provide you with the details.


Keep in mind that even if you are approved, there is no guarantee your taxes won't go up. It just means they won't go as high as they otherwise would. You may still see a raise, especially if you make enhancements to your home not covered in the list of improvements eligible for tax abatement. Still, property tax abatement is a nice way to save some money when upgrading your home or residential building.

Property Tax Abatement 101

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Home Gym Workout Routines

Home gym workout routines can take the hassle out of staying healthy. How often have you claimed your busy schedule as the reason you could not get to the gym? How many times have you skipped a workout you knew would make you feel better because the fatigue of traffic and the pace of a gym with trainers were too much for your work weary mind?

Well, say good bye to the excuses standing in your way because home gym workout routines are the answer for your busy schedule. The key to a successful home gym workout routine is scheduling yourself time.


Even though you are working out at home, you still need to hold yourself accountable to your own body. Setting aside a little time will make your workouts less stressful because you will already have that time framed for the activity.

Home gym workout routines can be tailored to meet your specific needs and available equipment. Try a treadmill workout routine to get yourself started and you can do that today. With a treadmill walking program you can work legs and even tone abs and arms.

You should always consult your physician before beginning any workout regimen, because they can help you tailor your routine to your health needs and abilities. Begin with moderate walking twenty minutes a day and this can go a long way to decrease your stress load, increase your energy level and tone your muscles.

The great thing about a treadmill workout routine is you can do it year round in any weather condition. A treadmill walking program can be done as you read the newspaper or make evening calls or it can be a time of complete peace and isolation. Adding small hand weights can afford upper body toning even as you walk.

Your body deserves your attention, and your schedule need not stand in the way. Try a home gym workout routine today to shake away the cob webs from your body and you'll start seeing amazing results.

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Home Gym Workout Routines

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Real Estate Marketing Slogans; A Brand Of One

Real Estate Marketing slogans arouses interest in your
audience and can be the vehicle that helps establish
your "name brand" and invigorate your real estate

A good, well crafted slogan can propel your business
in quantum leaps, while a poorly considered one can
be as effective as none at all. Real estate
marketing slogans can work equally well online and
offline, but they must be good enough to appeal to
mass, targeted audiences.

\"real Estate\"

Consequently, agents work hard and long for the right
words to coin the right phrases, for the perfect
slogans. After all, their slogans may be powerful or
aspiring enough to define their careers.

Realtor Alert! Real estate marketing slogans don't
have to be over intellectualized to create huge "brand
names." Catchy and clever works every time.

For example, Century 21, ERA, & Coldwell Banker are
national and/or regional real estate companies whose
corporate names serve as their "real estate marketing
slogans". Examples of some gigantic, non-real estate
companies are Xerox, IBM, Pepsi and Coke.

Successful Realtors know the importance of using real
estate marketing slogans to create "name brands", but
when conjuring up a slogan for yourself why not
something as simple as your name.

If Mike, Bill and Hillary can pull it off you can,
too. Of Course you know who I mean, which epitomizes
the power of a name.

Creating A Slogan!

Now, I can go to the yellow pages, write down a bunch
of real estate marketing slogans and throw a bunch of
them at you to jump start your creative juices, but
you can do that yourself.

A more constructive approach in creating your own
slogan is to make a list of 10 slogans that reflect
who you are, what niche real estate market you want to
be known for, and your interests and personality in

Use the yellow Real Estate Agents section of your
local yellow pages to get ideas, then strive for
phrases that uniquely characterize you.

Imagine being the Madonna, or "leave the driving to
us" of the real estate industry.

Is it possible? Absolutely, but you'll have to create
a slogan first! Then you'll need to use and publicize
it every opportunity you get; in your ads, on your
business cards, letter head, website, vanity car tag,

Don't expect instant success right out of the gate.
It'll take a while, but you'll be amazed at how much
you can accomplish in a year or so. And if you have a
real estate marketing system that reaches a minimum of
10 prospects a day the numbers can quickly add up in
your favor.

10 contacts a day x 20 days a month = 200 contacts a

200 contacts a month x 12 months a year = 2,400
contacts a year

Without too much effort you can passively market your
slogan to a minimum of 2,400 prospects a year.

I wonder what impact having your marketing slogan on
your car would have?

No matter where you live, or what market you're in
you're missing out on massive amounts of free
marketing if you don't have a car tag of some kind
advertising the fact that you're a Realtor.

And what about advertising your slogan through the
penny, nickel and dime publications? Think cheap
advertising, high visibility, and lots of readers of
your slogan to drive business opportunities your way.

So, create your own unique, real estate marketing
slogan; then publicize it heavily; freely and/or
inexpensively, but heavily.

Can you see the impact that this might have on your
real estate marketing results? I can!

Real Estate Marketing Slogans; A Brand Of One

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Diseases from House Flies

I am writing this article as a way of promoting our fly killer machines. It provides information on diseases that can be caused by house flies.

Houseflies frequent dung heaps and other fecal sources. They also visit decaying matter including dead animals. When landing on food that is prepared for human consumption, contaminated material is often transferred to the food.


There are a wide range of diseases that can be transmitted by flies. Here are some of them:

Typhoid Fever (Salmonella typhi)

Symptoms: High temperature (up to 104 deg F or 40 deg C), loss of appetite, headache, stomach pain and usually some weakness. Sometimes a pink skin rash appears.

Treatment: A doctor will usually prescribe an antibiotic and the symptoms will cease in a few days. If no treatment is given, the subject may become seriously ill and even die from secondary problems (up to 20% typhoid fever sufferers die without treatment).

Cholera (cause by Vibria cholerae, a bacterium)

Symptoms: unexpected episodes of watery diarrhoea that contains flecks of white mucous material, stomach pains, dry or sticky mouth, sunken eyes, concentrated coloured urine, in a child a markedly sunken fontanelles (the soft spot at the top of the head), dry skin, nausea and vomiting (usually).

Treatment: Cases can vary from mild to serious. If untreated, serious cases can lead to imminent death. Drink plenty of fresh water, mixed with small quantities of salt and sugar. This will restore the body's fluid. Treatment must be given immediately.

Escherichia coli

Symptoms: This depends on the strain of Escherichia coli. Most strains are harmless and result in no detectable symptoms. Other strains, such as O157:H7 can sometimes cause bloody diarrhea. In a very small number of cases Escherichia coli O157:H7 can lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome that can lead to kidney failure in young children. For most of us, and for most of the time, Escherichia coli causes no problems.

Treatment: No treatment is necessary, unless uremic syndrome occurs, in which case a blood transfusion and kidney dialysis may be required.

Shigellosis (cause by Shigella, a bacterium)

Symptoms: Diarrhoea (often bloody), fever, and stomach pains. Most cases are mild and may not even be noticed. In a small number of cases, the very young and very old may be vulnerable to high temperature fever, possibly (and rarely) leading to a seizure in a toddler.

These are just some of the illnesses that can be spread by houseflies. Be on your guard. To be safe you may wish to install a fly killer machine (details follow).

Diseases from House Flies

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Florida Flats Fishing

Flats fishing can be an exciting and rewarding experience for fishermen of all ages, whether just beginning or accomplished angler. Flats are long, level, shallow water areas next to deeper water. They are found in bays estuaries and marshes. They are also found atop reefs and atolls, and along shorelines.

The bottom of a flat may be made up of grass, sand, rock, mud, gravel, or a combination of these. Flats with grass or other aquatic vegetation offer cover and food for a variety of fish as well as shrimp and crabs. The most sought after fish when flats fishing include redfish, tarpon, seatrout, bonefish, permit and snook. Other popular catches are striped bass, bluefish, barracuda, shark, cobia and mutton snapper.


When choosing the best areas for flats fishing, look for flats that are 8 feet deep or less. More productive flats usually contain stumps, brush piles, grass beds or other types of cover. Flats that contain shallow ditches or humps are especially attractive to bass. Also look for baitfish, crabs and other "fish foods".

Observe tides carefully when locating good flats to fish. Some will be totally dry during low tide. As the tide rises, game fish will move in to feed whereas when the tide drops gamefish will wait for crabs and baitfish to flee the flat.

Flats are usually fished with fly gear or light spinning gear. Light tackle is the rule. Fly rods should be 8 or 9 weight. If you are using a spinning outfit, load it with no stronger than 12 pound test. Live bait such as mullet, pigfish, pinfish and shrimp works well. If you are using artificial lures, any size with attractor colors may be used from May through June. If you are flats fishing during July through August, natural colored lures work best.

Other equipment to include on your fishing trip is proper footwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, a raincoat and plenty of water to drink. Hydration is important since most flats fishing takes place in sunny climates such as the Florida Keys and the Caribbean, as well as lakes and rivers across the United States and other countries.

The most important equipment required is usually a small skiff with no more than two fishermen aboard. This lets the guide pole across shallow waters with ease, to reach the best flats. Also remember to wear light colored clothing to reflect the sun's heat, and be less visible to the fish.

Florida Flats Fishing

Wayne Gilbert is a Florida native with over 30 years of fishing experience. His website about Flats Fishing, Florida Fishing, has been providing its viewers with extensive coverage of the Florida backcountry fishing scene for a long time. Other topics include backcountry fishing, Florida Keys fishing, and individual gamefish habitats,statistics, and locations.

Small Cottage House Plans

Small Cottages are really very cozy and comfortable where you can either enjoy your vacations or spend your life after retirement. The design, plan and style of the cottage depends a lot on the location, availability of material, weather conditions and your own personal likings. Cottage houses are for those people who are looking for beauty and the harmony of nature.

The cottages were originally very popular in Medieval Europe where they were used by small families living on farms, but today cottages are used for completely different purpose. They are used by retirees or by people for summer vacations and weekend getaways.


So, now let me tell you about some modern small cottage plans which can be used by you to build your dream house.

1. Vacation Cottage

Vacation cottages are mainly used for year around purpose or for a holiday retreat. Such cottages usually have huge gardens or playgrounds attached to them where people can enjoy peaceful evenings and afternoons. Inside such cottages you would find a spacious living room, veranda in front and a screened porch in the back, a cozy dining room, modern kitchen, usually two to three bedrooms with balcony, separate shower rooms, a parking area and a lobby. Such cottages are ultimate for pleasurable holidays with near and dear ones.

2. Victorian Style cottages

These cottages are usually one story buildings having the authentic Victorian touch and style. The cottages feature high ceilings, oval and round windows, a covered front porch, a galley-style kitchen, and dining room, bedrooms overlooking the backyard, a laundry room and a separate dressing room. These cottages are small yet contain all the luxuries for a comfortable living.

3. Bungalow House Plan

Bungalows are very popular in the United States and also in the southeast. Such cottage houses are usually designed for warmer climates, and they have hipped roofs which can keep the summer heat away. Many windows are grouped together for greater sunlight and ventilation. The bungalow houses are usually kept very simple with wide overhanging eaves and large porches.

4. Hillside Cottage House Plan

Hillside cottages are extremely suitable for people who want to reside in a hilly area. This plan is also referred to as the split-level home design used for a house on a sharp, or steady incline. The hillside cottages have large balconies in the bedrooms, walkout basements, daylight basements, underground garage, spacious living rooms with fireplaces and cozy bedrooms.

These are some very good small cottage house plans which can easily be used by people planning to build their own vacation homes.

Small Cottage House Plans

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