Treatment of Flea Bites on Human - What Home Remedies Available?

Fleas not only bite and live off your pets, they bite people too. The typical human reaction to a flea bite is the formation of a small, hard, red, slightly raised, itching spot with no swelling. Some bleeding can occur, particularly if the bitten area is scratched. A single puncture point caused by the flea is generally apparent in the center of each spot.

Flea bites normally occur on the legs and ankles. Different people have different reaction to fleabites. Some people are totally unattractive to fleas and are not affected by the presence of fleas while others may be "appealing" and sensitive to fleas resulting in severe allergic reaction to their bites.


See some pictures of flea bites on humans

Well, how to treat flea bites on human? Before you run off to your family doctor to seek medical treatment, here are some home remedies for the treatment of flea bites on human.

1. Firstly, it's important to keep the affected area clean. Wash the bites with some antiseptic lotion or soap. Use cold water but avoid the use of warm or hot water as this may tend to stimulate itch

2. Secondly, apply a cold pack over the bites to reduce swelling.

3. Do not scratch the inflamed area as this may lead to open wounds and secondary infections.

4. If the affected area is read and swollen, you may apply a mild steroid cream like 1% hydrocortisone cream. This should be easily available from any pharmacy without the need of a prescription. Hydrocortisone helps in reducing inflammation rapidly. Alternatively, if you have a bottle of calamine lotion at home, this may help too.

5. Very often, the itch caused by the fleabites can be very intense. An oral dose of anti-histamine like Dimetapp, Chlortrimeton is very effective in relieving itch. Once the itch stops, you will stop scratching as well and the healing will take place faster.

Treatment of flea bites using these home remedies should improves within a few days, However, if the condition worsen whereby, they remained red and swollen with discharges, then a trip to your family doctor may be necessary. Your doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics for you and a jab of steroid may be needed to stop the inflammation.

However, success in treating flea bites is by no means a solution to your problem. To avoid further bites from these little pesky creatures, the only solution is to get rid of them totally. Killing fleas in house, getting rid of fleas on pets is what you need to do as part of your flea extermination plan

Treatment of Flea Bites on Human - What Home Remedies Available?

Ann owns an animal shelter housing 150 dogs and cats. Understanding the difficulty and frustration of pet owners in getting rid of fleas, she has publish a website on "Flea Control" with the purpose of helping people especially pet owners solve this problem completely.

Teaching Beginners the Recorder

Teaching the Recorder is very rewarding. It is a simple instrument and you reap the rewards when students make progress and are stimulated to move forward.

First of all the recorder is a woodwind instrument of ancient lineage made without a reed. It is a forerunner to the flute but is end blown through a whistle mouthpiece. It is highly recommended as the instrument for children to commence formal music tuition on as its simplistic design allows young students to master its basic technique with ease. Often people begin on the recorder before moving onto another instrument. This makes learning that next instrument an easier task as the musical knowledge you learn on the recorder applies to whatever instrument you learn. The recorder comes in different sizes with the most common one being the descant recorder. Other recorders are the sopranino, treble (alto), tenor and bass.


As a teacher you need to:

1. give the student regular lessons either privately or in a small group eg a half hour weekly lesson.

2. recommend a suitable tutor book to learn from. There is a variety of tutor books to choose from so pick one to suit the age of the student. You can add other material as the need arises.

3. show the following on how to play the recorder to the student:

a. a suitable standing and sitting posture whilst playing.

b. a good position for holding the recorder.

c. where to put the mouth on the end piece to produce a good sound.

d. how to produce a good sound - many beginners blow too hard, thus producing a raucous and too highly pitched sound.

e. the position of the hands - the left hand should be on top, just like other wind instruments.

f. finger positions - fingers should be just above the holes- not several inches, or worse still, below the instrument.

g. the notes and how to finger them.

h. tonguing the notes - each note should be tongued to give a clear beginning to the sound. To tongue a
note you place the tongue on the roof of the mouth immediately above the back of the front teeth as in
pronouncing 'doo' or 'too'.

4. teach the student musical theory which includes

a. musical notation

- treble clef sign: this is placed at the beginning of every line of music you play.Some instruments like the recorder use this sign.

- stave: this is the 5 horizontal lines the music is written on.

- note names: a note is a sign to tell you what sound to finger and play.There are line and space notes.You teach the student how to read these notes on the page and the use of words to help remember them eg use F A C E for the 4 space notes and Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit for the 5 line note taking the first letter from each word as the notes of E G B D F. You tell students to start from the bottom and go up.

- note lengths: notes have different time lengths and students generally learn them in the order of
(1, 2, 4, 3, 1/2, 1 1/2) counts or beats plus more as one progresses.

This can vary depending on the tutor book.

- bar lines: these are the vertical lines seen on the stave.

- double bar line: signifies end of piece.

- bar: this is area of music found between two bar lines.

- key signature: this is the sign shown by sharps, flats or nothing telling you the key of the piece.
Students start learning pieces in the key of C major (no sharps or flats) and the move onto pieces in G major (1 sharp) and F major (1 flat)

- time signature: this is the numbers found at the beginning of the piece after the clef sign and key signature.

b. musical terms

- dynamics (loud and soft playing): you teach the student to read the terms and to play them on the recorder

- speed indications like Allegro (fast), Andante (walking pace), Lento (slow) plus more

Please note 3 and 4 will be taught step by step following the tutor book and to meet the need of the student.

5. inspire students of all levels (slow to fast learners) and learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) You can play duets with private students and for groups tuition use duets, trios, quartets. Flashcards and games like dominos are interesting too.

6.encourage group playing especially for the private students. They may have friends who play an instrument.

7. encourage regular practise starting with 5 minutes/day and increasing it as more notes etc are learnt.

8. encourage performance: the student can do this gradually by performing to 1 person first and then family and friends and then in a concert situation. Have an annual concert and combine with other teachers if you wish.

Teaching Beginners the Recorder

This guideline for teaching students how to learn the recorder is a step by step process. The teaching can vary between students and so does the Sheet Music to keep the student inspired.

Your inspiration will rub off onto the student who may carry on learning recorder for years or be inspired to learn another instrument after an initial period on recorder eg one year.

Click Here for Further Free Facts On The Recorder

House MD

House M.D. is also known as House. This series was debuted on American television in November, 2004. This show is based on medical drama. The central character of the serial is Dr. Gregory House. He is shown as a medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians at hospital. The name of the hospital is PPTH, Princeton - Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. Dr. House is shown as an unconventional character. Often he ends up in conflict with his boss, hospital administrator, his diagnostic team and Dean of Medicine, Dr. Lisa Cuddy. Dr. House has got only one true friend and that person is Dr. James Wilson, Head of Department of Oncology. This show has completed six seasons on American Television. House M.D. has got a lot of viewers and is pretty popular among them. This serial is critically acclaimed show. This show was rated in top ten shows in America from its second season to fourth season. This is indeed an achievement for any show.

This serial is very popular and has got a thing to make viewers want more. On the basis of its popularity, the show has been distributed in 66 countries. In fact, in year 2008, House M.D. was the most watched television show in the world. With several awards in its kitty, House M.D. started its sixth season in September 2009. The show received 20005 Peabody Award. This show has been nominated for six Golden Globe Awards and received two of them. The show has always been supported by critics. Dr. House claims to be a Board Certified diagnostician with a double speciality in infectious diseases and nephrology.


This show also shows a lot of similarities between Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes. Holmes apartment was 221B and so is of Dr House. House's friend whom he trusts the most is Dr. James Wilson and Sherlock Holmes's best friend is Dr. John Watson. Both Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes characters suffer from drug addiction. Dr. House is addicted to Vicodin and Holmes is addicted to cocaine, morphine and tobacco. Dr House is shown to believe in last name. He wants people to call him by his last name. Also, Dr House calls his team and other people with their last names. Similarly, Sherlock Holmes also used to call everyone by their last names. If we try and look at more things, there can be more similarities between the two of them. The reason is that the creator of the show has got special interest in Sherlock Holmes. He is so inspired with him that adding his characteristics to the main character of House M.D. was inevitable.

Both Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes play musical instruments. Dr. House plays piano, guitar and harmonica.. On the other hand, Sherlock Holmes plays Violin. There many similarities in both the characters, still one can not deny the fact that both have their own place in audience's hearts. House M.D. is no doubt one of the best drama series with medical background which has won praises from viewers all across.

House MD

Garima Gupta Singh
Freelance Writer & Corporate Trainer

Kirkland's Home Decor - Find Everything Your House Needs

Kirkland's home decor store is indeed one of the most inspiring accessory stores around. It has a broad selection of distinctive merchandise for the discriminating buyer, coupled with affordable prices to keep the average homeowner happy. Their stock consists of framed art, picture frames, lamps, candles, mirrors, accent rugs, and garden accessories.

A leading specialty retailer since 1966, Kirkland's was co-founded by Carl Kirkland, who is still currently the Chairman Emeritus. They opened their first store in Jackson, TN, and with over 340 stores in 37 states they have put Kirkland's home decor on the map. Home decor at Kirkland's is ever-changing, and offers you value and style at extremely attractive prices for both gift-giving and accessorizing your own home.


Kirkland's even has a designer advantage for interior designers looking for the best for their clients. The home decor at Kirkland's helps to create stylish and sophisticated looks on a budget that almost anyone can handle. Designers who buy at Kirkland's can now receive a 10% discount on all client related purchases, providing they spend over 0.00 per year. This would hardly be a difficult task with the selection that Kirkland's has to offer.

Kirkland's Holiday Home Decor

Apart from everyday accessories, Kirkland's offers much more - its seasonal stock is extensive and covers all major holidays. Kirkland's prides themselves on offering the latest looks with inspiring styles. For Christmas, you can find themed trees to inspire you with new decorating ideas, and suggestions for coordinating gifts that you can buy for a special couple.

Warm candle light, lamps, and other lighting are always popular during the holidays. Kirkland's home decor section offers a huge selection of holiday candelabras, votive runners for your fireplace, or red hurricane candle holders for your holiday needs. For the younger clientele they have plenty of Santa Claus knick knacks, reindeer ornaments, and lots of fun Christmas decorations to enthuse even the littlest buyer.

Kirkland's home decor also has plenty of amazing holiday selections for Halloween, New Years, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. Their huge choice will give you numerous options for your decorating style. Whether you prefer whimsical or sophisticated, you are nearly guaranteed to find what you are looking for at this store. The home decor at Kirkland's, both for the holidays and everyday decorating, is inspiring, creative, and unique.

Kirkland's Home Decor - Find Everything Your House Needs

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Freehold Vs Leasehold - The Difference Between Leasehold & Freehold

One of the first problems people come across when buying a house is understanding the difference between leasehold and freehold. Fortunately it's often quite easy to understand though the benefits and value of the different options is sometimes harder to get your head round.



When you are a freeholder you own the exclusive rights to both the building and the land on which it sits. Nobody else has a claim to that land and you can do with it as you please within planning laws and legislation. It's this autonomy that make freehold so appealing, once the property is purchased there are no additional or ongoing costs to and land owner and you can make changes and alterations to the property and land as long as you don't upset anyone in the planning department of the local council.

One downside to this freedom is you have total responsibility for any costs or repairs required for the building, when in a leasehold sometimes this bill can be paid by the freeholder or spilt amongst other leaseholders if you are living in a flat or converted house.

Also it's possible to secure leasehold contracts which last up to a thousand years when you compare a lease of this length with a freehold it's sometimes difficult to account for the additional cost that comes with a freehold property.


When you've purchased a house or flat with leasehold you only own the right to live in that house and flat rather than the land itself. In certain circumstances the clauses in the lease can alter and change what you are able to do with the building and it's often difficult tom compare leases like for like as some are more flexible than others.

Leases last for a set period of time; while most will be over 75 years if yours is shorter you'll find it difficult to secure a mortgage with most well known lenders. Often it's possible to negotiate a lease extension as part of your purchase but be warned this can incur additional costs.

Also once you've purchased a leasehold property you can incur additional costs from the freeholders both as one off events and ongoing charges. These can include ground rent, service charges and other management fees.

There are pros & cons to both options but be sure to fully understand the benefits & costs of both before making your final decision.

Freehold Vs Leasehold - The Difference Between Leasehold & Freehold

Avon Barksdale writes articles for News on the Block a world leading resource for people living in and buying flats. Their magazine and website also contains invaluable infromation about the differences between Leasehold & Freehold []

Home Remedies For Dog Constipation

There comes a time in everyone's life when constipation rears its ugly head. The same holds true for dogs, unfortunately. Lack of exercise and proper diet can lead to bouts of constipation (sound familiar?). While you may seek a variety of ways to "eliminate" this problem in your own life, let's explore some home remedies for dog constipation which can be utilized in the eventuality it occurs in theirs.

As mentioned earlier, a proper diet and exercise are key components in ensuring your dog has the ability to move his bowels as often as necessary. House dogs usually need to be walked twice a day while maintaining a proper diet. If your dog becomes constipated, one method to alleviate this problem is by adding one to two teaspoons of bran to his meal. This allows for extra moisture in the stool.


Another method to soften the stool would be to add psyllium (Metamucil in the adult world) to his diet. Half a teaspoon twice a day, in addition to drinking plenty of water, will suffice. A third option would be mineral oil. This may be used in cases where there is a large build-up of hard stool. Two teaspoons, twice a day should be added to his meal, but for only a week. There are several other steps you can take to alleviate your dog's constipation. Keep his food moist by adding a bit of water. If your dog is getting on in years, add some raw meat and vegetables to his diet.

There are certain signs which can alert you to potential problems, and for which you can take immediate steps. Long hair on dogs can cause feces to become entangled; therefore, keep your dog properly groomed. Dogs tend to eat everything in sight, ensure no bones or other material has been ingested. Just as we experience constipation due to certain medications, dogs are no exception. Psychological stress is another indicator relating to constipation.

While it has been suggested that all breeds and dogs of any age are prone to constipation, there are other aspects which you may need to consider, and for which many dog owners are culpable. Never feed your dog from the dinner table. While you may indulge the dog with a few scraps here and there, you are contributing to his constipation.

Foods that contain flour, sugar, rice, dairy and high protein are the main source of the problem. Ice cream, cookies, bread, chocolate, or other unhealthy food items can cause your dog unnecessary pain. As mentioned earlier, a lack of fiber and dehydration are common causes. Another cause for concern would be a condition known as mega colon. This simply means your dog has an inflamed colon which prevents the discharge of feces.

The time to visit the vet will become evident when your dog's inability to defecate is hampered by a decreased appetite, passing blood in minimal amounts, and overall lethargy. Keep in mind, contributing to the overall health of your dog should be of the utmost importance. A dog's love is unconditional, therefore, he or she is totally dependent upon you to maintain a healthy and harmonious life. Be ever vigilant to any signs of stress and ensure his diet and exercise regimen is appropriate and on-going.

Home Remedies For Dog Constipation

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Real Estate Investing : Gross Lease

People lease commercial real estate properties using either a gross lease or modified gross lease or a net lease. Residential properties are usually leased under a gross lease with the exception of the utility expenses. A gross lease is also referred to as a pass-through lease or a full service lease. When a tenant leases a property using a gross lease, he pays a gross rent and the landlord has to pay the operating costs of the building risking rising operating expenses over the duration of the lease. A net lease refers to a lease where the lessee is responsible to pay for the taxes, insurance and maintenance of the property.

Types of Gross Lease:
Full Service Gross Lease: In this kind of lease, the landlord is responsible for the payment of taxes, maintenance, insurance and utilities. All these expenses are included in the base rent paid by the tenant. The lessee is responsible for any property insurance, taxes and utility expenses beyond the permitted building standards. The lessee has to agree to pay his share of any increase in the operating expenses of the building.

\"real Estate\"

Modified Gross Lease: In a modified gross lease, which is similar to a full service gross lease, except that certain basic services such as taxes, maintenance, insurance, janitorial services, electrical services etc. are excluded from the lease. This type of lease is commonly used in multi-tenant buildings where there are different tenants with different needs.

Commercial Gross Lease: The lessee pays the landlord a fixed monthly rent and the landlord is responsible to pay for the operating expenses of the building and its maintenance. The lessee pays for the utilities, maintenance, operating expenses, taxes as well as janitorial services.
Industrial Gross Lease: The landlord leases an entire industrial building to a tenant. The tenant has to use the building as per the agreement in the lease, manufacturing and distributing and maintaining an office in it. The landlord will be responsible to pay for the maintenance, operating costs, taxes, insurance, utilities etc. that will be paid for by the lessee in the base rent.

The landlord has to take precaution against lessees with deceitful intent and make sure they verify any information provided by the lessee before signing the lease. The lessee, especially in a commercial building, has to make sure to find out if the lease includes only his office space or also parts of common area such as, hallways etc. The lessee has to make sure that he studies the terms of the lease carefully to ensure he is not paying for something that is not connected with his office space as if a new hallway built in another floor!

There are firms that offer products as well as services to help budding entrepreneurs run a business smoothly.

Real Estate Investing : Gross Lease

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Cardinal Bird House - How to Build a Bird House For a Cardinal

The male cardinal is a bright red color and you can't help but want to attract this beautiful bird to your yard. A cardinal builds a nest and does not generally live in a cardinal bird house. They build cup nests firmly attached to forks of small branches in thick underbrush or vines from 2 to 12 feet off the ground.

If you want to attract cardinals to your yard, you should provide them with thickets and shrubs for them to live in. They will nest in honeysuckle thickets, small evergreens and shrubs. They also like rose bushes. You will find many cardinals near gardens where they help keep down the insect population.


Cardinals do not migrate and will choose a place to live early in life sometimes near their family. During mating season they will become extremely aggressive in protecting their breeding area from other cardinals. They do not allow other cardinals near their territory.

You can also attract cardinals with feeders. they prefer sunflower seeds and will scrape away other seeds to find the sunflower seeds. They will also eat bread, nuts, berries and peanut butter mix.

Like other birds, cardinals enjoy water and appreciate the offering of a bird bath in the summer. Even though you aren't likely to build a house to attract the cardinal, there are many ways to encourage them to visit. A combination of offering shrubs and bushes for them to build their nests, putting out sunflower seeds and nuts, and placing a clean bird bath nearby will bring cardinals to you.

Copyright 2007 - Alice Scott

Cardinal Bird House - How to Build a Bird House For a Cardinal

Alice Scott and her daughter Michele Redmond have a website on Bird Feeders and Houses and offer information on attracting all sorts of birds with feeders and houses. If you're looking for a project, or just want to attract birds to your yard, visit their site for lots of ideas.

House of the Rising Sun Guitar Chords

A few years ago House Of The Rising Sun was voted number 122 on the Rolling Stone magazine 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. If you learn to play this song, even you just play the intro, people are going to recognise you for the cool dude you really are. This is a song that has been around for about a hundred years or so. It was first recorded in 1933, and recorded again by several country and folk artists over the years until the definitive version of House Of The Rising Sun Was recorded in 1964 by English group Eric Burdon And The Animals. The song was recorded in one take while the group were on the road in England as a support for Chuck Berry, and the spine tingling intro to the song was played by guitarist Hilton Valentine on a Rickenbacker 330 guitar. Many people say that it was the first time a folk song was recorded by a rock group.

The guitar chords for the song are simple and you can learn the chord sequence in a few minutes, then spend a few years fooling around with arpeggios and strumming patterns and whatnot. So the chords are A minor, C major, D major, F major and E major. To get the feeling of the recording by The Animals just play each chord as an arpeggio like this A minor chord:


E -------------------------------

B ------------------1------------

G -------------2--------2---------

D ---------2----------------2-----

A --0-----------------------------

E --------------------------------

If you are familiar with the original record you will know that the arpeggio pattern used by Hilton Valentine contains a few more notes but if you are play using a pick you will be able to work out what he is doing. There are video clips of the animals performing the song on YouTube.

Okay, so here is a basic guide to how the chords for House Of The Rising Sun fit in with the lyrics.

Am C D F
There is a house in New Orleans
Am C E E
They call the Rising Sun
Am C D F
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
Am E Am
And God I know I'm one


My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gamblin' man
Down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and trunk
And the only time he's satisfied
Is when he's on a drunk

Oh mother tell your children
Not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun

Well, I got one foot on the platform
The other foot on the train
I'm goin' back to New Orleans
To wear that ball and chain

Well, there is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I'm one

If you search around the internet you will find some slightly different versions, but I would suggest you use what I have given you here as a basis for your own trademark rendition.

House of the Rising Sun Guitar Chords

Ricky Sharples has been playing guitar his whole life, and is presently engaged in building a blog which features free guitar lessons, videos, articles and reviews to help you Learn The Guitar for free. Ricky updates the blog constantly so if you are interested in learning to play guitar there will be an enormous variety of tips, tools and tutorials for you.

Easy Exercises You Can Do At Home

Do you know that in order to keep your heart healthy and your weight under control, you need to walk at least 10,000 steps each day? This may sound daunting but many activities you're doing everyday such as running errands or doing household works can add up to a few hundred or even thousand of steps for you.

To maintain your health and make sure you achieve the 10,000 steps each day, here are some simple and easy exercises that you can do at home. These exercise routines not only help to keep you fit but also will tone your body as they work on some specific muscle groups. They are a lot more effective than the general exercises such as running errands and doing house chores. Here are the exercises you can easily do at home:


- Stretching exercises. Stand with both of your hands against a wall and move your left leg back so that your foot is flat against the floor. Hold for a few seconds; then repeat this move with the right leg. Another great stretching exercise you can perform is to lie on your back, use both hands, bring up your right knee to your chest and hold it for a few seconds. Repeat this routine with your left leg.

- Curl is very easy to do. Just lie on your back with both hands behind your head and raise your upper body. Repeat this move for 15-20 times.

- Leg exercises can be done by lying down on your side and lifting each leg repeatedly for 15-20 times. You can also stand and hold on to the back of a chair and lift your legs backward repeatedly.

- Arm exercises. This is important to improve muscle tone. For arm exercises, you can use an exercise band. Place both feet on one end of the band, hold the other ends with each hand and then repeatedly raise and lower the band (in an up and down motion for 10-15 minutes). If you have a pair of dumbbell, you can also use them to exercise your arms.

- If you are working at home and sitting in front of your computer most of the time, try to press down on your toes in an up and down motion frequently. This activity will help to keep the blood circulation flowing in your legs.

- If you know how to dance, put on a music CD and dance for about 20-30 minutes. This is a great cardiovascular workout. You can also incorporate push-ups, sit-ups and jumping rope into your daily home exercise routine.

- Abs workout. I have found a great 8 minute video showing you how to do abs workout at home. You can watch the video at "Best Abs Workout At Home - Only 8 Minute".

NOTE: Always do some stretching to warm up before starting any exercise routine to prevent injury.

Easy Exercises You Can Do At Home

Leon is an Infopreneur dedicated to sharing his online discoveries across the net. You can visit his blogs at Leon's Self-Improvement Blog and Health Buzz Zone.

In House Financing - Car Dealers & Dealerships

Many people that have bad credit think that they have to use a buy here pay here car lot in order to obtain auto financing. This is certainly not the case, in fact you can get approved online easier than you can at a normal everyday car dealership. If car dealerships have turned you down and told you that your credit is not good enough, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you will find through alternative lending sources. Let's talk about dealerships that offer in-house financing, shall we?

You Do Not Have To Use Buy Here Pay Here Financing!


Car lots with in-house financing are in most areas. Sometimes, these are businesses that come and go and occasionally you can find a buy here pay here car lot that has been in business for many years. Either way, these dealerships make their money by overcharging people that have bad credit. Generally speaking, these types of car lots by used cars at car auctions that normal car dealerships do not want to buy. The reason may be because of an unpopular model, high mileage or that the vehicle has damage or mechanical problems that the buy here pay here dealers can have patched. Typically, the most common scenario is a newer model, high mileage car. New car dealerships have a hard time getting anyone financed on a vehicle that has more than 75,000 miles on it. Buy here pay here dealers basically make their money selling cars that other dealers don't want, to the people that don't have the credit to go to a normal car dealership.

What They Won't Tell You...

What car dealers will not tell you is that you can get a better deal on auto financing intitiating it on the Internet. It's not the actual Internet that allows you to do this, it is that through the Internet you have access to lenders all over the entire country. There are lenders that are available that will accept people immediately after repossession, bankruptcy, foreclosure or other credit disasters. There are even car lenders that will accept people that are on a fixed income or only receiving Social Security benefits. If you have bad credit, before you go getting yourself into a car loan that is not going to be in your best interest, you should definitely check out a few sources on the Internet to see if you are able to get real financing.

In House Financing - Car Dealers & Dealerships

Dealers that offer in-house financing on cars are an absolute last resort!

Find Legitimate Lending Sources Here: Buying Cars with Bad Credit.


Jason Lanier, Expert Author.

The Duties of an Estate Executor

One of the most important parts of the will is naming an executor of the estate. An executor can be a person or an institution selected based on trust and reliance. When a person has been appointed as an estate executor, it is important that he or she understands what the duties entail.

An executor is the administrator of the estate and he has total control over all the assets of the estate. The main duties of an estate executor are to protect and preserve the assets of the estate and ensuring that asset management is done in a judicious and prudent manner. Asset management includes investing excess cash.


The other point that an executor has to also take note of is liquidity of the estate. In case cash is not available, then certain assets have to be sold to maintain liquidity. Even borrowing money on behalf of the estate can be done to raise cash. Usually cash is required to pay creditors, meet administration expenses and to pay taxes.

In case an executor does not perform his duties properly and competently, he would have to be responsible to anyone who was harmed by his action.

Usually administration of an estate begins with filing of petition and it is only then that a judge issues letters of administration, which should be kept safely as they are legal evidence that give you the authority to be the executor. It is only after the issuance of letters of administration that legal notices are sent to all those involved in the estate. Beneficiaries should receive the notice through certified mail, while creditors should be informed through a publication in the newspaper.

The next stage is identifying, conducting an inventory, valuing, collecting and investing the assets of the estate. You will have to file the inventory and value reports of the assets in court and if the estate size is large, you will also be required to file estate tax return and filing the inventory and value reports with the local government, state government and the IRS.

All claims should be paid promptly. However, only those claims should be paid that were filed during the time frame mentioned by the state statute. The estate does not have legal obligation to pay all other claims.

Once all the claims, payments and expenses have been met with, the last step is distributing the estate among the beneficiaries. This happens in the probate court and only then does the estate executor receive a final order discharging him from the duties of an estate executor.

The Duties of an Estate Executor

Pauline Go is an online leading expert in the legal industry. She also offers top quality articles like :
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House Lights

It's good to ensure that all the time you are planning to build a house or any building hat you put into consideration the type of light that you deem suitable for the building.

The lights that you place in your house entirely depend in the way the house is designed; different designs of lights are meant for different designs of the houses. Foe example the mission house should have the lights being mission inspired.


It's also important to ensure that every room in the house is fitted with the right light design, this will not only beautify the house but also ensure that the house is well lit. Since the rooms each f the room are meant for different functions, ensure that they are well designed for the room.

If we consider the bedroom, it does not need to be fully lit like the light that is used for the reading room. For the reading room you have to ensure that the room is fully lit.

Track lights and under cabinet lights can also be placed beneath the photos and drawings of the wall to ensure that they are well lit so that they can be admired by the visitor as they visit the house.

The lights for the bathroom may vary, one should have the lights placed in front of the mirror so that one can easily admire himself after bathing, for the case of the kitchen, lighting should be placed where the cabinets are so that the sections in the cabinet are well lit.

The dining room can be decorated by the chandeliers so that they can look beautiful and even complement the food that is being eaten, for the bedroom you have to put lights that appear romantic and suitable for sleeping.

Ensure that when you are placing lights in your house that you ensure that you put into consideration the design of the room and the function unto which that room is entailed because the rooms not only vary with their use but also the design.

House Lights

Colorful restaurant tablecloths look good on stainless steel tables.

Boat House Plans

Boat houses can be magical places that can transform a waterfront property from simply ordinary to spectacular. The right plans should be able to complement other existing structures on the property and the natural environment in which it is located. Finding plans online for boat houses can sometimes be a challenge, however, and you may need to hire a professional to draw up custom boat house plans suitable for the unique aspects of your landscape. There is quite a wide variety in the types of plans readily available online. Some will be quite elaborate in design, while others are very simple. For some you will need a professional contractor and builders, for others, you may be able to build them yourself if you have some prior building experience and the right tools.

A boat house can be an expensive investment, but they also can add a considerable amount of value to your property as well. Determining what your budget is will be crucial to determining which type of plans you should use. Financing may be available from your bank or other lending institution, so you may want to check and see if this is an option.


There are a few steps you can take to make your search for the right plans to house your boat easier and more successful. To start, take a good look at your property and imagine what you would like in your ideal boat house. Are you looking for a simple design, for boat storage mainly, or would you like it to serve other needs as well. Would you like to use it for entertaining friends or to sleep in on occasion? Will you need plumbing and electricity? How many boats will you need it to house, and of what type? How much are you looking to spend on the building costs?

Once you have answered the above questions, you will be able to quickly eliminate many plans from consideration and focus on those that are best suited for you and your needs.

Boat House Plans

You can learn even more about finding boat house plans online by visiting the Wooden Boat Plans website.

Catching Trophy Walleye and Water Temperature

If you are looking to catch Walleye trophy fish what is the best thing to do or not to do?

Let me say first that, Walleye fishing is what you make of it and only experienced anglers understand that it is often a game of chances, and when these fish shut down there is no way to turn that frown upside down.


Now, the key word to focus on here is catch, and in order to catch you need bait and for the wily but aggressive walleye it won't be just any ordinary bait.

But before we get into feeding this toothy critter, let us dwell on the nature of your prey for a moment. Walleye grow from a fertilized egg to 1 ½ to 2 inches by late spring and to 4 to 6 inches by autumn. They start out with plankton and quickly change to small aquatic insects and then to minnows.
Once they achieve six to eight inches in length, in order to maintain their size their diet will be mostly minnows. Unfortunately for the walleye this becomes their downfall.
In order to maintain their size and still grow they must eat almost on a continuous basis and they must do this throughout their life because they never stop growing. I think that of all the factors to consider in a successful strike, water temperature would rank high on the list.

In fact it has been found that the feeding frenzy peaks for walleye when the water temperature hits 64 degrees F and that water temperature has a lot to do with locating this elusive prey.


So, you will want to look for Walleyes in the spring to gather and spawn in gravelly or sandy bays with winds that stir up wavelets. This action is necessary to expose areas to lay the eggs, keep the eggs aerated and prevent them from being silted over. This is of course for ideal conditions for spawning. You will also find them off shoreline bars or in open water gravel flats.

Reservoir walleyes spawn over a three-week period, primarily after dark, in water depths of 3 to 12 feet. However, they are highly adaptable and if necessary you can find them in waters 36 feet deep. Again, water temperature is important because spawning will occur when the water temp rises to 48° and during this time and up to 10 days later the females rarely bite. Now, the good thing is that after the spawning, they go on a month long feeding pig out.

At this time you will find them in 15 ft. of water or less because the low angle of the sun allows them to stay in the shallows. After all is said and done the biggest drawback of spring walleye fishing is inconsistent weather.


In summer, walleyes frequent sand bars and points mostly at night, feeding on crayfish and minnows. Now as waters warm throughout the season, walleyes move further and deeper into the cooler, darker waters. While moving to these depths they are often attracted to structure, such as islands, underwater land forms, or deep weed beds. You will find that you will have to work really hard to have any success at this time of year. The reason being is simply that bait fish are plentiful and larger than what you're offering.


Walleyes tend to go deep around the middle of September and move back into weeds at night. During the day, they hang around the 25 to 35 foot mark, usually along the edge of a break and you will usually find more on steeper slopes than gentler ones. They feed more aggressively when entering deep water and midday fishing will be better. Three to four inch minnows on a jib or slip-sinker rig appear to work well. If you're looking to catch some trophy sized fish that tap the double digit scale, now is the time you will. Your method of choice will be jigging spoons or jigs and live minnows.

I am not going to tell you this is easy because its not. What happens at this time of year is Walleye move slowly on or just off bottom and cooling surface water is forcing the warmer water below back to the top. So, fall night fishing is the prerequisite and for your efforts big fish are caught during this period.


Early in the ice-fishing season, walleyes can be found in 10 to 12 feet of water on points along the mid lake flats and around the middle of January you will most likely find them in 18 to 30 feet, on the ends of humps or the same points along the mid lake flats. Walleyes generally move to shallower waters when snow cover is heavy, the sky is overcast, or it's early or late in the day. They usually go deeper when it's midday, in sunny weather, or under light snow cover.


Sorry, about that I guess I need to be getting back to bait. Many anglers think that smell or taste is most important to catch trophy Walleye. I would beg to differ knowing that they are part of the Perch family and argue that the natural movement of baitfish would be much more important to attracting a strike. So, the best thing to do is change your leeches and worms every 5 to 10 minutes. If you hook your minnows properly you can make them last a lot longer.

Now, let us talk about those eyes. This species of fish is light sensitive, so it does allows them to see well in low light conditions which occur in the deep part of lakes or shallow areas once the sun goes down. If you are fishing during the day, it would probably be best to cover an area by drift fishing and bottom bouncing. The bouncing part is just that, bouncing, not dragging or better yet closer to swimming, so that when you feel that twitch, you know it is definitely your prey.

When I speak about the twitch it is probably just that, a twitch. You may catch the odd, inexperienced one because of a snatch and grab but most Walleye try a little sampling before they make the decision to strike, so if you are using a heavy jig or rig you may miss that initial hit. The only real place to use the heavier jigs is in fast flowing water such as river currents.

Lake Erie walleye fishing can produce some big fish and it's no secret that Lake Erie walleye fishing is second to none if you're looking for trophy walleyes.
Lake Huron also has some of the best walleye fishing available in the US, maybe even the world.

Walleye fishing is a tough game to play but anglers who use their wits will almost always figure out how to put the pieces together.

Catching Trophy Walleye and Water Temperature

Iain Loveman is an avid fishing enthusiast and you can find more related fishing stuff at Fish Finder Reviews for Brand Names

Free House Building Plans

Free house building plans is a great way to see the many floor plan layouts available for a given square foot home. You can quickly see how many variations there really are. Choosing a floor plan that is customized to your family size and daily functions is the perfect way to get the most from your new house.

House plans as well as garage plans can be under rated and over hyped, if sold based on square footage alone. Many home builders focus entirely on getting the most overall size in a building, when the real bargain is to get the most functionality in a given space. By choosing to go with layout rather than total square foot, you can actually get more house for the money.


House plans are designed to be a planning tool, not the finished and unchangeable layout. You want to choose house plans or garage plans that first fit your lot or better yet the contour to your building lot. You have seen houses that were designed for a full size basement and yet it was built on a level lot. This takes away from the curb appeal and those house plans just were not right for that lot.

The architectural detail in your house plans is key to getting the final look of your new home. It's the details that actually can get the visual look, equal to the appeal and the price you paid to achieve the look. House plans should have building lot recommendations for each set of plans to ensure the best final results you are hoping for.

Floor plans layout in your house plans should give alternate choices depending on how versatile the set of plans are that you have selected. You may want to consider moving a door or even adding a door where the house plans have them positioned. This arranging or rearranging of the house plans is the best way to get the most house for your money.

Free House Building Plans

To learn more about choosing the best layout for your new home, see the free house plans you can choose, arrange, and customize for your building lot. The better you plan, the better the outcome.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Techniques - Early Spring Bass Fishing!

Spring is just around the corner. If you are like me you are anxious to get out and go bass fishing. This largemouth bass fishing techniques article will point out some tips and strategies for early spring bass fishing.

As warmer, spring weather approaches and the water temperature in your favorite fishing spot starts to rise there are or will be a lot of changes going on in the environment that bass live in. Algae will begin to bloom and weeds will start to grow again. As this change starts to take place bait fish, crayfish, aquatic insects, frogs, and all the critters that bass like to eat will move from their winter refuges to shallow water and come to life. When this happens the bass will follow and start cruising the shallow flats, bays, coves, and channels looking for food and spawning grounds.


Early spring is a great time to intercept these cruising bass in shallow water. Look for dark bottom flats, bays, coves, and channels on the north side of the lake or reservoir you are fishing on. The water usually warms up faster on the north side of the lake since it is exposed to more sun during this time of the year. Most of the bass in the lake will be looking for the warmest water available in early spring. Look for areas on shallow flats, bays, coves, or channels that have nice, green and growing weeds. Cast your lures along the insides of these weed lines or weed clumps. Target areas 0 to 6 feet deep.

Minnow or crayfish imitating jigs along with jerk baits or lipless crankbaits work well this time of year. Use smaller lures in early spring and try to "match the hatch." The bait fish and crayfish have not reached their full size yet so try downsizing your lures to give the bass a more natural presentation. This will also require you to downsize your line a size or two to give your lure the best action possible. Don't be afraid to let your lure go down into or graze the tops of the weeds. Try casting a jig or lipless crankbait out, let it sink to the bottom, and then pull it through or rip it out of the weeds, then let it sink to the bottom again, and repeat. This technique can provoke some pretty aggressive strikes during early spring.

Find the warmest water available, find some growing weeds in shallow water, downsize your lures and you will have found some valuable largemouth bass fishing techniques for catching early spring bass.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Techniques - Early Spring Bass Fishing!

If you're interested in learning more largemouth bass fishing techniques please visit largemouth bass fishing techniques or

Residential Property Management - How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts

We have several balance sheet accounts. We have assets, cash, receivables - rent that's not been paid but is due - supplies, pre-paid rent, the value of your building less accumulated depreciation, and then you have equipment. There are some other accounts that in theory you could put in here, but it's really not required.

Liability Accounts


Then we have what are called liability accounts. These are your accounts payable. These include salaries payable, taxes payable - real estate or even income taxes. If you have a mortgage on your property, mortgage payments, you would set it up as a liability.


The third compartment of all balance sheets is your equity. Your owner's equity and the amount maybe you've taken out of your business.

These are a basic, fundamental set of chart of accounts that you can take and can incorporate into your balance sheet. Things like Quicken and most of these software packages will have these chart of accounts pre-populated. You don't even have to worry about it.

A lot of times they have too much. You can start to delete some of them out, because it gets kind of confusing. In particular if you only have a few properties you want to keep it relatively simple.

Statement Accounts

The next are the income statement accounts. We talk about revenue accounts. These are obviously rent. There are late fees, application fees, and potentially interest. If you have a security deposit, then there might be some interest there, and then other. There are potentially other ways that you can earn. You might do some assignment fees and things like that. Those are our basic set of revenue accounts for most landlords to be sufficient.

On the expense side, this is the basic set that we use. There are administrative fees, bank fees, supply expenses, salary expenses, payroll taxes and fees, and things of that nature. Taxes - if you have unemployment or worker's comp you have to file those taxes. There are rent expenses. Maintenance and repairs are going to be a big one for your buildings. If you have a property manager you would have a management fee.


Insurance is definitely another big one. You would obviously have insurance or interest expense. You're going to have marketing costs. You're going to have an office, so there are office supplies, equipment, computers, a fax, and things like that. These are all expenses.

Legal and Accounting Fees

There will be legal and accounting fees if you have an accountant or an attorney involved in your business. You would have to expense those things. There might possibly be corporate taxes. There could be court costs if you have to file evictions and things like that and then miscellaneous expenses. These are a basic chart of accounts that you can use to set up your income statement. That's really it as far as the accounting.

A couple of highlights here. Make sure that you do not co-mingle money. Keep things in nice little silos. Make sure if you've got payroll that you take money from the operating account and move it into the payroll account. That way things remain fairly concise.

Make sure you reconcile your accounts on a regular basis. As you grow and expand, as you get more properties, make sure that you are reconciling those accounts on a fairly regular basis. Do not wait weeks or months before you start reconciling your accounts. It will make your life miserable if you have to spend a lot of time trying to reconcile an account six or eight weeks later.

Residential Property Management - How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts

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