Flats Fishing Boats - The Shallow Water Fishing Boat

If in need of a stable fishing platform that offers performance, fishability and pole-ability in a shallow estuary it would be a wise choice to look towards the flats fishing boats.

A flat bottomed hull is able to run and floats the shallowest of all the hull types. It might not offer the performance of a v-hulled craft and the ride might be wetter, but its possible to float and jump up shallower and there's often an abundance of deck and storage space for the fishing equipment. Most of the flats boats are equipped with mounted trolling motors.


Action Craft Boats, Flats Cat, Bay Craft, and Calba Boats offer a series of shallow draft fishing boats that give a smooth, stable, and dry ride in shallow waters. These flats boats can also be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as a custom flats helm towers built in aluminum and able to accommodate one or two anglers, and a tailored cover that features a cut-out to fit around the aft poling platforms.

For the do-it-yourself enthusiast it only a takes a little time, effort and capital to construct a row or outboard-driven flat bottom skiff to a open cockpit flats flyer that's loaded with features. If on a tight budget this is the ideal solution to the factory-built boats at a fraction of the cost. Plans, patterns and kits for self build projects can be located from a variety of online sources.

Flats fishing boats offer a host of advantages to the fisherman that plans on running over shallow waters and in need of a durable fishing machine.

Flats Fishing Boats - The Shallow Water Fishing Boat

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A New Record Set for the Price of Property in France

The average price of property in France has set a new record during the fourth quarter of 2010, with an increase of 8.7% on the year, announced Century 21, one of the world's largest estate agency networks with 117,000 agents in 68 countries.

Compared to the first semester of 2008 where the highest average was 2 549 € per square metre, we've seen an average of 2 580 € in the fourth quarter of 2010.


"The decline in prices recorded during the financial crisis which lasted from the second semester of 2008 to the first semester of 2009 has now completely faded", observed Century 21.

However, this new record masks profound disparities between Paris and its suburbs, where prices have climbed a lot in 2010, and the more moderate rest of the country.

The average price rose by an average of 18.46% over 12 months in Paris, and by 7.8% in the capital's suburbs, according to Century 21's figures, based on the 49, 700 transactions the network carried out in 2010.

However certain areas saw their prices fall in the second semester of 2010, such as Alsace, Burgundy and Nord-Picardie.

For the year overall, Haute-Normandie is the only region to have seen its prices fall (-1.9%).

Century 21's figures concerning Paris confirm the predictions of the Chambre des notaires, who had foreseen a 20% rise over the year in December.

Nonetheless, the records do mask a clear deceleration in the second semester of 2010, a period during which prices rose by less than 1% compared to the first six months of the year.

Considering the frailty of households' solvency and in spite of the new mortgage loan with reinforced 0% interest, Century 21 is staying prudent.

The network estimates that the possibility of arise in house prices in France of between 2 to 3 % should not be discounted, but notes that the evolution of the market will mainly depend on interest rates.

"This rise in prices is very closely linked to and dependent on interest rates as these days, most other levers permitting access to housing have been called upon already," concludes Century 21.

A New Record Set for the Price of Property in France

Sextant French property is a network of more than 160 estate agents and 50 developers in France offering a selection of 12,000 French property for sale.

They also offer French property investment such as French Leaseback properties

In order to improve their service to their customers they set up a division who can also help customers who bought through a different French estate agent.

9 Tips for Better Copywriting

We all learned how to write in school, but in advertising, there are some simple
techniques that experienced writers use to convey messages with greater impact
and brevity. Without being too tutorial, you'll find these 9 tips quite handy when
writing your next sales letter, brochure or web page.

Avoid the wimpy verbs--is and be


These "do-little" verbs only occupy space and state that something exists. So don't
write, "There is one simple omission that can transform a sentence from boring to
brilliant." Do write, "One simple omission can transform a sentence from boring to
brilliant." Similarly, avoid, "We will be running the new program from our Dallas
office." Instead, opt for "We will run the new program from our Dallas office."

Place the longest item at the end of a series

Start with the simple and work toward the complex. It's less confusing and makes a
more memorable ending to the sentence. If you have a series like "He was always
later that Joan, loud and boring." Opt for "He was loud, boring and always later that

Specifics are more convincing

Unless you must for legal reasons, don't use words like many, several,
approximately, nearly and other such mushy weasel modifiers. Specifics tell your
audience that you know what your product can do based on tests, research, results,

Modify thy neighbor

Neighboring clause, that is. Make sure your modifiers apply directly to the pertinent
clause in question. Do this and you'll avoid such gaffes as "I collided with a
stationary truck coming the other way. (The truck wasn't coming the other way, it
was stationary.) Better to tell the judge "I was coming the other way and collided
with a stationary truck." (You'll still pay the penalty for running into a truck, but at
least you'll come across
as sober.)

Use single verbs to avoid doublespeak

Single verbs can often do the work of two similar verbs. Instead of "The computer
was operating and running smoothly," go for "The computer was running smoothly."
Or, instead of "He was empty and ran out of gas," go for the more direct "He ran out
of gas."

Vary sentence length

A string of sentences all the same length can be boring. Start with a short sentence
or at least a medium-length one, then go long, short, medium or any combination
thereof. Imagine a person talking in sentences that are all the same length.

Are your sentences like the Energizer Bunny?

They go on and on. Just because you're conveying legal or complex technical
information, doesn't mean you have to use serpentine sentences that never seem to
end. Instead of saying "Laser beams, which have many properties that distinguish
them from ordinary light, result from the emission of energy from atoms in the form
of electromagnetic waves." Break up and re-phrase: "Laser beams have many
properties that distinguish them from ordinary light. They are produced when atoms
emit energy in the form of electromagnetic waves."

Go short and sweet

Why use a 4- to 5-word phrase when a 1- to 2-word version will do nicely--with no
loss in meaning? Statements like "in view of the fact that" can be easily reduced to
"since" or "because." Word economy is particularly important, especially when you're
paying for premium ad space in a major publication.

Don't overstate the obvious

Redundancy is good for space travel, but not for clear writing. Phrases like
"anticipate in advance," "totally finished," or "vital essentials" will drive your readers
crazy and communicate very little. The same goes for stringing two or more
synonyms together like "thoughts and ideas" or "actions and behavior." It makes
readers wonder if you really meant to say two different things or just wanted to
reinforce one word with a needless synonym.

So the next time you're struggling with that sales letter, mailer or web page, follow
these simple rules. They'll help you communicate your message more clearly and
with greater selling power. Remember, there are 26 letters in the English alphabet.
Use them wisely.

9 Tips for Better Copywriting

Alex Kecskes is a former ad agency Copy Chief who has created effective copy and concepts for a wide range of ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. As owner of ak creativeworks, Alex provides strategic copy for brochures, mailers, multimedia, radio, newsletters, PR and web content. He has published articles in a variety of publications about health issues affecting both men and women, as well as topics in business and technology. His creative work has been acknowledged nationally in Andy, Belding and One Show competitions. For more information and samples, please visit http://www.akcreativeworks.com