House Assessment - How Much Is My House Worth?

If you are thinking of selling your home the first thing that you need to determine is how much your home is worth. The fastest and easiest way to determine how much your home is worth is to contact your local home buyer. Your local home buyer will give you a free home assessment with no obligation. Included with the free offer they give you your homes value.

Here is what you can expect to see from a professional home buyers offer. The offer should be typed out on paper, not hand written. The offer should show you comparable properties that have sold in your neighborhood within the last 6 months. The comparable properties should be similar in square footage, age and condition as your home. If you are dealing with a true professional home buyer you should expect to see multiple selling options to solve your home selling problem.


The time frame to receive an offer after you have completed your local home buyers request can be anywhere from 24 hrs to approximately 3 days. In many areas of the country like, Boise Idaho, Huston Texas, and Charleston South Carolina, home buyers are very busy right now. With the real estate market a little slow, home sellers are having a hard time selling their house. Home buyers in these areas are helping people who need to sell their house quickly. No matter if you need to sell your house quickly or are just curious about your homes value, the best way to determine you homes value is to contact your local home buyer.

Home buyers mostly deal with people who need to sell their house quickly but not always. Many home buyers purchase houses as part of their real estate portfolio. They buy houses and keep them for many years. If your home qualifies for a local home buyers long term investment, you could receive market value for your home.

House Assessment - How Much Is My House Worth?

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How to Learn Real Estate - Real Estate Investment

This is how to learn real estate business practices in the conventional way; taking courses and classes, and earning our license to perform our business out there in the world of real estate. This is very well and good enough to set us on the course of our careers armed with the proper knowledge. However, we often see those who have been in this field for years reaping unheard of amounts of wealth. Is it that they found a better means of how to learn about real estate? No, this is of course the way of experience. These veterans of the real estate industry have learned all the good stuff they can't teach in classes through grueling years of trial and error.

But if we could find out how to learn all this insider real estate information without going through years of acquiring all that experience, then we could profit like the big players in no time. Truth be told however, you most likely won't find anyone downright eager to spill the beans about all the wisdom they acquired. After all, it took them years to learn it all, and they're not about to give it all out to someone who would then be their biggest competition.


This is why distance learning through the internet has its benefits. There really are those out there who wish to mentor us in this field, and doing so online won't necessarily interfere with their corner of the market. Finding one who can guide you through all the pitfalls to avoid, and all the gems to pick up in this business is definitely how to learn real estate after passing those other courses. It's a means of higher education that has stood the test of time... learning from those who have gone before you, and benefiting from their experience.

How to Learn Real Estate - Real Estate Investment

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Selecting Your House Plan - Room Sizes

House plans begin from a single roomed unit to a bedsitter to a 1 bedroomed, 2 bed roomed, 3 bedroomed, to more complex plans as requested by a client.

Single rooms are usually a minimum of 3meters by 3 meters. This size is tied to the size of an average bed, 2meters by 1 meter. They are common among the low-income housing sector for rentals and around Universities and tertiary colleges which will need to house students. These are not described in the current Building Code as residential units however, some councils in Kenya such as Nakuru Municipal council have passed bye-laws allowing for approval of these units.


Bedsitters are much larger; roughly 3meters by 5 meters and include a larger space which fits a small kitchenette and a living area.

One-bed roomed units consist of the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. They are usually at a minimum of 30 meters squared floor area. These and 2-bedroomed units are very common for rental units.

3 Bed roomed units and above are not common as rental units due to lack of demand. Another easer method of selecting these kinds of house plans is to search for house plans on the internet and then asking your architect to customize the plan to our area Building Code and Kenya Local Authority regulations.

The Kenyan Building Code describes minimum sizes and dimensions of habitable spaces. For bedrooms, the minimum dimensions are 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters. For Kitchens, the dimensions are 2 meters by 2.4 meters.
The minimum floor to ceiling height is described as 2.35meters for a habitable space.

Once all the minimum floor plan dimensions are met, the house plan is approvable by the local authority.
Your architect ensures that the house plan meets all the minimum requirements as set out in the Building Code and from here, you can describe to him any flamboyant shape as you may desire.

Selecting Your House Plan - Room Sizes

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